After eagerly awaiting its arrival, Google Ads now offers account-level negative keywords which have been warmly welcomed by the PPC community. This new feature promises improved brand safety that can be applied across all existing campaigns in one fell swoop.

Key Highlights

  • This feature is an essential step in giving brands more control over their advertising placements.
  • Account-level negative keywords in Google Ads offer greater brand safety and suitability by allowing advertisers to exclude traffic from all search and shopping campaigns.
  • Google Ad advertisers can control negative keywords more efficiently at the account level, saving time and reducing the chances of human error.

Announcing a milestone for Google Ads advertisers worldwide, Ginny Marvin has revealed that account-level negative keywords are now available to all. This invaluable optimisation tool will enable marketers of any size to effortlessly control their targeting strategy and maximize campaign performance with higher accuracy.

Last year, advertisers got an exciting new opportunity: the ability to add keywords for exclusion in all search and shopping campaigns. After months of testing, this feature has been released – giving brands a whole host of improved safety features and enhanced suitability options.

Advertisers can now tailor their campaigns to align seamlessly with both brand values and desired target audiences through the new account settings page feature.

Brands wishing to cultivate a positive image and maintain their good reputation need to be aware of the potential ramifications associated with appearing in inappropriate contexts.

In addition to the brand safety benefits, the addition of account-level negative keywords makes the campaign management process more efficient for advertisers.

Instead of adding negative keywords to individual campaigns, advertisers can manage them at the account level, saving time and reducing the chances of human error.

Say goodbye to brand safety worries – no more duplicating negative keywords or missing vital ones across campaigns.

Account-level negative keywords are a precise way to boost ad targeting and campaign performance. By excluding low yielding words, you can ensure your traffic is high quality and maximize ROI with each investment.

Google Ads provides professionals the opportunity to customise their brand’s advertising environment with existing features such as inventory types, digital content labels, placement exclusions and negative keywords. With these powerful tools available at a campaign level, you can ensure your ads align exactly with what matters most in terms of quality control standards.

In Conclusion

Google Ads has introduced account-level negative keywords, a powerful tool for fine-tuning ad campaigns and ensuring that no budget is wasted on irrelevant queries. This new feature enables advertisers to maximize their return on investment by preventing ads from showing up against searches with words specified as nonessential. As businesses strive to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, Google’s cutting edge technology continues to provide effective tools designed specifically with those goals in mind.