Video has emerged as one of the most popular trends in marketing over recent years. The power of video is undeniable. It has quickly become one the most popular forms on content online, with many businesses adding it to their marketing strategies in recent years.

Creating a video for your business is easier than ever. With the right tools, resources, and techniques you can create engaging content that will grow not only how much traffic on your website but what matters most about YOUR company. This would also boost morale among employees as they see their work showcased in an entertaining way.

Every smartphone comes with an HD camera these days that are equally good for videos. The best way to make your video stand out is with some professional-looking shots. With so many free and affordable editing apps, you can create great looking videos that will get attention from fans/customers but also turn them into subscribers.

Video is the future of marketing, but does your business have what it takes? Here are seven reasons why you should start making videos today.

  • Video leads to more conversions
  • Video keeps users on pages longer
  • Mobile users love video too
  • Video builds trust
  • Video is more shareable
  • Video can improve your SEO. Google loves video
  • Video is captivating
  1. Video leads to more conversions

If you want your conversions to increase, adding a video on the landing page is one way that can help. A recent study found out videos have an 80% conversion rate which makes them very effective for marketing purposes. (Source: Unbounce)

Videos allow you to provide more detailed information about your products or services. As viewers become more engaged, they’re more likely to retain the message.

2. Video keeps users on pages longer

The average user spends about 88% more time on a website with video than they do with any other type of content on the web. This means that by adding videos to your website’s pages, you can increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site. (Source: Hubspot)

Video content is more likely to engage the viewers than text-based articles. One more reason might be that people tend to retain information better when it’s explained in a video. Product videos, how-to’s and demos are a great way of capturing your target audience’s attention while providing them with valuable information. This will increase the retention rates for potential customers as well.

3. Mobile users love video too

Mobile users now account for half of all internet traffic, and this number will only continue to grow as more people shift their browsing habits towards the mobile device. This is the new reality for content creators, who must now consider how they will provide their product or service in an environment where more people are using mobile devices to access information.

Creating a mobile-friendly website is important, but if you want to make it even easier for smartphone and tablet users you should turn your content into videos. Videos are an excellent way to keep your audience engaged and informed. With the ability for people who don’t have time on their hands or need more information quickly as they go about daily lives – videos make perfect sense.

4. Video builds trust

When you want to convert potential customers or fans into loyal followers, providing them with valuable content and testimonials is one way that can work. But these tactics do leave a bit of an obstacle between you and your reader.

Video is an interactive experience that feels like you’re actually having a conversion with the viewer. You are opening yourself up to them and giving the chance for someone else to see your personality. People want to do business with people they know. The more familiar and comfortable we feel, the better chance that our customers will become lifelong clients or even friends.

5. Video is more shareable

The power of social video is undeniable. It gets 1200 percent more shares than text and image content combined, according to Wordstream data.

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy can have a significant impact on how well you do business. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites, and research shows that videos are shared 20 times more often than other types of content formats in their feed according to Sales and Marketing Solutions.

What makes videos so shareable? The hacks and tips on how to get the most out of your content are both entertaining, but also bring practical value by providing valuable advice.

6. Video can improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google loves video

If you want to rank higher in Google searches, then one of the best things that can happen is for your site’s pages and content material. You should start adding videos onto them as well. Google knows that many internet users prefer videos to written content, so it makes sense that they’re more likely to rank pages that include a video.

Google’s newest machine learning technology can now recognize thousands of image elements within a video. Google’s Video Intelligence API can catalogue relevant keywords within a video, which could give you a huge SEO advantage.

Video is a perfect way to keep your content fresh, relevant, and engaging. It also helps with search engine optimization because videos can be watched on any device – desktop computer or mobile phone. With the rise of video platforms, such as You tube and Vimeo that are optimized for mobile devices you can reach a much wider audience.

With Google’s algorithms increasingly prioritising pages with video content in search results, it is more important than ever for businesses to adopts videos as part of their digital marketing strategy.

For your video SEO efforts make sure you adhere to the following best practices:

  • Keep videos short. Videos under two minutes long get the most engagement. It’s important to get your point across in the shortest amount of time. Even though a video is only four minutes long, the content still needs to have an interesting and captivating tone. Anything longer will most likely lose you significant viewership.
  • Transcribe your video script. When you transcribe text from sound in your video, Google bots can crawl the content with more accuracy.This makes it more likely your site will be featured in a wide variety of internet searches.
  • Optimize videos. You can also help search engine bots crawl your video by adding relevant titles, subtext descriptions and meta tags.
  • Create high-quality thumbnails. Grabbing the attention of searchers can be difficult, but it’s possible with eye-catching thumbnails. The more viewers are drawn in by your thumbnail then greater chance they’ll click through and find out what you have on offer.

7. Video is captivating

Video keeps viewers’ attention more than text. Video is a great way to get your message across because it brings together two things that catch our attention: noise and movement.

Also, most of the information that comes from the brain is visual, meaning that viewers will better retain a message through video than they will through text. And because of this, the average viewer remembers 95 percent of a message when it is watched, compared to only 10 of content that was read.

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