These are exciting times for Performance Max campaigns as Google is rolling out new features with an eye on optimizing your advertising strategy. The most awaited of these, is the optimisation score.

The new Performance Max campaign type will give advertisers a quick way to identify areas where they can improve their performance before any campaigns go live.

The new section will provide you with insights into how your campaign performed after launch.

Source: Google

What are Google performance Max campaigns?

Performance Max is an automated goal-based google ads campaign type that uses machine learning to serve audiences a relevant ad with an optimal bid to maximize campaign performance. Performance Max campaigns puts your business goals front and centre and allows googles automation to target your business goals above anything else.

This solution is a new way to buy Google ads across all their properties with the same campaign. It will also replace Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns this year altogether.

Performance Max was created to complement Search campaigns with all the rest of Google’s ad inventory. The campaign type has a broad reach across Google’s Network, reaching customers on:

  • Display
  • Search
  • Maps
  • Discover Feed
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Shopping Ad Inventory

By leveraging automation through bid and budget optimization, audience, attribution, and more, it can deliver more conversions at a lower cost.

Below are the six new features for Performance Max campaigns.

  1. Optimisation Score
  2. Seasonality Adjustments
  3. Data Exclusions
  4. Advanced Location Targeting Controls
  5. Explanations
  6. Diagnostic Insights
  1. Optimisation Score

Google performance max now has a ranking system for ads, and the more optimised it is – then you will receive an automatically calculated Google Ads Optimization Score. This score ranges from 0-100%. If this number falls below 90%, they’ll provide tips on how to improve performance so that number can go up higher.

  • Seasonality Adjustments

Seasonality adjustments allow you to tailor your bid strategy, so it’s optimized for events where conversion rates are expected highest, like promotions and sales. Google recommends utilizing this tool when there will be a significant increase in traffic outside of typical seasonal patterns – smart bidding already takes into account predicted festive occasions.

  • Data Exclusions

Data exclusions allow you to tell Google’s smart bidding system not only ignore data from dates where your campaign had issues with conversion tracking, but also stop it altogether. This way accurate performance measurements will never be affected by any inaccuracies in that information.

  • Advanced Location Targeting Controls

The most precise way to target your customers is by utilizing new advanced location options. You can choose whether you want ads only when someone physically visits a certain place (a shop or restaurant), if they have an interest in that specific industry/product category and even what time period during which their device has been located.

  • Explanations

Explanations in Performance Max campaigns will help take the guesswork out of understanding why you see an unexpected performance shift. Google Ads provides recommendations to correct these issues, allowing for a quick troubleshooting process that saves valuable time.

  • Diagnostic Insights

The more you use Performance Max, the better it gets at knowing what ads work best for your audience and how to deliver them. Google provides recommendations to fix any issues with your Performance Max campaign setup. This includes providing insights into ad policy, billing and budgeting as well.

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