2022 is here and with it comes new and exciting social media trends! If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to know what’s coming. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 social media trends that you need to be aware of. From augmented reality to live streaming, these trends are sure to change the way we use social media!

The future is bright for businesses who know how to capitalize on social media trends. With new features and platforms constantly emerging, it means that more people will surely jump onto the scene in years ahead – which makes now an excellent time as any!

The social media trends you need to know for 2022 are here! Luckily, most of the important and popular movements have made their way. But we’ve compiled a list that will help marketers keep up with them easier than ever before- so they can continue embracing new ideas without hesitation or worry about what’s going on in other parts of our industry (or outside it).

1. Instagram Reels will contribute to Instagram marketing success

To have a successful marketing campaign on Instagram, you need to use Reels. These short videos will not only contribute their own share of the attention but also give an amazing first impression for viewers that may be interested in your product/service!

Businesses that want to succeed on Instagram need a strategy of incorporating engaging and entertaining video content. That’s where reel trends come into play! Don’t wait until it’s too late by not taking advantage now while the market is still evolving – do your research today so you can post great videos for all those interested followers out there waiting just below their feed line (or “story”).

2. Long videos are not going to make you win

New research has found that the longer your video is, the less likely it is for people to share on social media. The study analysed more than 2 million online videos across various platforms with an average running time highlights how 45% of shares occur in 7-minute clips versus just under 30%. Furthermore, videos over 10 minutes had nearly half as many views (just 18%) compared to those shorter than 3 minutes than this threshold while also being significantly fewer likes and comments!

3. Learning paid advertisement is so important

Learning how to advertise in the right places will help your business grow! So, if you haven’t done paid ads yet then now is a good time to start because the trend of social media advertising will only grow in value.

The biggest challenge for businesses on social media is not only to maintain a strong presence but also increase their paid advertising budget. 43% of Hootsuite’s respondents said that organic reach has declined over the past year, which means they need more money from ads in order keep up with what people are searching online and influence potential buyers before someone else does so first!

4. More focus on micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are the new superstars of social media. Their influence has increased exponentially in recent years, and it is now possible to reach a much smaller audience with an army of these mini celebrities!

The days when big names could drive traffic by themselves seem long gone – people want content tailored just for them because there’s no such thing as too small anymore.

5. TikTok marketing will grow in 2022

With 200 million active monthly users and the number of mobile subscribers globally expected to exceed 5 billion by 2020, TikTok’s marketing potential is unparalleled.

The app has seen exponential growth since it launched just eight years ago with over 500 Million total uploads in that time! It currently sits at #3 on Apple’s list of most downloaded apps – not too shabby for an unknown few month back when everyone except Facebook had forgotten about you guys.

6. Social E-commerce trends will boom in 2022

The e-commerce market is projected to boom in 2022. As social media platforms continue developing and diversifying, more people will turn their attention away from brick-and-mortar stores towards online shopping channels like Amazon or Ebay for goods they can’t find locally–especially if there’s an item that isn’t available anywhere else!

This has important implications not only on consumers’ spending habits but also retailers who need new ways of marketing themselves across digital networks if they want increased business revenues due largely from cross country traffic generated by internet users searching out products without ever leaving home.

7. Linkedin Marketing would continue to grow

Marketing has changed drastically over the years. Now, it’s not just about advertising your business in traditional ways anymore – you need to be on all of these social media sites if want succeed today!

LinkedIn Marketing- build relationships with potential clients through this networking site by posting relevant content or answering questions. Over 90% of companies use this platform to find potential employees; make sure yours is seen by posting job openings or hiring notices here. It can also be used as an employer branding tool since many workers prefer not registering their own personal accounts due to fears like identity theft.

It is important to stay on top of the latest trends in order make sure you don’t miss any opportunities! Social Media Marketing has become critical because so many people use these platforms daily.