Email marketing has evolved rapidly alongside the technological growth that has occurred throughout the 21st century. Email marketing specialist in various organisations spend a lot of time thinking about how to increase their email open rates during campaigns.

After broadcasting every email you send, you eagerly check your reports and take a look at your open rate results. Have they improved or worsen? Do some of your customers open your emails more than others? Was your subject line the best it could be for that campaign? These are the major post-mortem marketers normally engage in after dispatching an email campaign.

Data driven marketing has come to stay with most modern email software’s providing business intelligence /analytic’s from device used to access the email, which email domain produced best open rate etc.

Below are 6 proven best practice steps to follow to improve email open rate this year:

1. Keep your customer engaged and offer them something of value

Whenever your customers have the impression your brand send them interesting, engaging emails, open rates will definitely be high. If you are sending information that doesn’t resonate, it promotional all the time – customers send your emails to junk or unsubscribe. Sending high-quality email less frequently is one of the best ways to keep open rates high.

customer-enagement-email-open-blog2. Use mobile responsive email templates

If your brand’s email messages don’t read well on mobile devices, then you’re in trouble. It is estimated that 74 percent of smartphone owners use their phone to access their emails, and mobile now represents 51 percent of all email opens. When your emails display well on mobile, you will see an improvement in your open rates, in addition to enjoying higher engagement and more clicks.

3. Make sure your contact list is up to date

How often do email specialist/marketers go through their contact database to make sure email address issues are resolved? When was the last time you sent out an “update profile form” to make sure you are targeting and reaching the right audience with the most up to date email address?

According to Constant Contact, email address domains like Comcast and Verizon tend to have higher open rates compared to account from Hotmail and Yahoo. Finding the time to get your contact database organised and looking at  opportunities to resolve any issues on hard and soft bounces are quiet crucial to keeping your list updated and working towards a higher open rate for your email campaigns.

 4. Segment your mailing list

Segmenting your email database based on audience interest and behaviour is one of the most effective ways to increase your open rate and ROI in email marketing. Campaigns sent to customers with more personalised content is likely to result in good open rates on average.


The whole point of segmentation is to provide more relevant content to your email recipients at all times of the buying cycle. To achieve this, you would need to take steps to craft more targeted campaigns taking into account your database list based on (geography, age, gender, persona, organisation type,  job function, industry, level of education,  purchase interest, buying frequency, purchase history etc.) and also lead data, and trigger events that help customize your email campaigns further.

5. Adoption of real-time personalisation


Using first or last name approach to get attention and a good open rate is no longer the best work to keep your customers engaged anymore. To get the best from email personalisation, much emphasis needs to be placed on real-time marketing. That is being customer centric and making the customer centre of every touch point. With brands understanding their prospect/customer needs, place, situation and daily habits, content can be tailored in the best possible way during the day, week or month to get the best value and engagement from your customers.

An email recipient receiving a marketing promotion content at the right moment is likely to be engaged and take the right call to action rather that generic content  that is not tailored to the customers past behaviour.

 6. Data driven marketing is key going forward

According to the Direct marketing association 42% of email specialist think data was their biggest obstacle  to personalised emails and therefore as essential for marketers to really get that business intelligence and strategy right. Data-driven marketing refers to the marketing insights and decisions that arise from the analysis of data about or from consumers. This is in plain terms, the principle of delivering a personalised customer experience with the intelligence from a customer point of view of a brand.


Therefore, brands that are really taking advantage of data and working collaboratively with their teams to deliver insightful and relevant product/service to the customer in real time get the best engagement and valuable result for their brand.

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